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Animalz and Uz Fashionz. Privacy Policy:
Australian Business Number:  68 647 417 492

Return Goods Policy

Whilst every effort is made by Animalz and Uz Fashionz to ensure our goods and services conform to the highest standards of quality, we recognize that sometimes problems may occur. If there is a problem with your delivery we need to correct it as quickly as possible to save you any further inconvenience.

Animalz and Uz Fashionz is under no obligation to accept goods for return (i.e. warranty, replacement or credit claim) and may refuse to at our discretion and without reason.

So that your request for return may be handled as efficiently as possible, we ask that you adhere to the following procedures at all times.


  1. It is your responsibility to check the delivery (if applicable) before signing for delivery. Any discrepancy in the number of cartons received must be noted on the consignment there. The name of the person receiving the goods must be clearly legible at all times.
  2. It is your responsibility to check the goods to the invoice within 72 hours of delivery.
  3. Delicate items, must be inspected upon arrival to ensure they are intact.
  4. Any discrepancy, breakage, damage etc. must be notified to [Your Company Name Here] by phone, e-mail, or fax within 72 hours of receipt, quoting invoice number, goods code, date and reason. Failure to do so may result in the claim not being recognized.


If Animalz and Uz Fashioinz agrees to accept goods, pursuant to the above paragraph/s, we may request that all freight/handling charges be paid for by you. You agree that approval or rejection for warranty claim, replacement or credit, can only be finalized once returned to Animalz and Uz Fashioinz for assessment.

The following reasons are not valid:

  • Goods rendered unsaleable due to price marking and soiling of packaging or contents, within your premises or vehicle/s, other than a fault in manufacture.
  • Overstocking or deleting of goods.
  • Goods received and held for more them three days before claim request notification.
  • Unpackaged goods that left our warehouse with packaging.
  • Goods not accompanied by a proof of purchase.
  • Claims for damages or breakages on consignments that are sent with Australia Post or where freight insurance is not requested, or by your own freight carrier.
  • Goods purchased by you from Animalz and Uz Fashionz over six months prior may be refused for claim.


Where goods carry a manufactures guarantee or warrantee, the distributor, Animalz and Uz Fashionz, will honour the claim under warranty only in accordance to the conditions of the said warranty or guarantee.

The warranty or guarantee is limited to repair in the first instance. Where repair is not possible, replacement is offered or, at our discretion, a credit to the buyer for the purchase price.

All claims under warranty or guarantee against material and/or manufacturing defects must be substantiated with the warranty card (where applicable), completed by the retailer and supported with proof of purchase.

The buyer will assume all responsibility for freight/handling or mailing charges to and from Animalz and Uz Fashionz.

Animalz and Uz Fashionz reserves the right to accept or deny any claim under warranty until the item is inspected by us.